Day 1: 269 days to go (6/22/16).

I was chatting this evening with my Colorado runner friend, Jeff G., and on the spur of the moment I decided to start training for the CHUCKANUT 50k which is being held on March 18th, 2017 in N.W. WA STATE (the 25th edition of the race).

I used to run XC in high school (35 years ago, when I was 16) — — 3 miles per race, in and around Boulder, Colorado. And last year (May 2015) I “ran” my first marathon — — in Burlington, Vermont (I ran 13 miles, but when my knee started hurting I walked the 2nd half. Finished in 7 hours & got my medal.)

That brings us up-to-date! ((6/22/2016.))

Please join me each week as I update my training progress and chat with other runners about their training & travel & health & well-being.

Thanks. 269 days to go (as of today, June 22nd, 2016) — — that’s just 38 weeks and 3 days … to get ready for a 30-miler in beautiful WA STATE.

See ya next week when I update my training!!

~C. Ted Sharpe

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