Quit Facebook and Read Marcel Proust!
Peter Y. Chuang

Timely read, as in a recent visit with a friend , in person, off line, in a coffeehouse , not availing ourselves of available wifi hookups, that she had gone off of Facebook and finished reading In Search of Lost Time’s first three volumes. I doubt I will attack Proust again however much I loved Swann’s Way, the only volume I’ve read, but there is a very strong case to turn off the computer and merge again with the sun and wind and rain the way humans are supposed to: to intuit our way through our streets, not rely on data streamed to us by banks of servers otherwise occupied to pilfering what’s left of our uniqueness. The internet is a tool, yes, but there comes a time to put tools away and apply what you’ve created with that utensil to the world you’re supposed to be a part of. One does not carry hammers and screw drivers around with them to the cafes, the markets, the bars or the get togethers one happens upon in the course of non-work related social exchanges.