Damage to the coating of your Mac screen? Repairs available, even if it’s out of warranty

I damaged my ~2013 Macbook Pro Retina screen a little while ago.

Damaged Macbook Pro Retina coating

Since it was out of AppleCare and warranty, I figured I was stuck with it. But today I saw a 9to5mac article, which led to a MacRumors article, that said Apple is covering this damage. Cool!

I contacted Apple Support. I explained what it was and was put on hold, then was told I’d be paying for it. I pressed that it should be covered. On hold again. Asked where I heard this. Gave the source. On hold again. Told yes, it’ll be covered, so I’d be sent a box to ship it back. There were some further issues with the support system wanting payment even though it will be $0, but it’s all done (no credit card needed) and I should have a RMA box on the way.


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