A matter of Friendship

Being Hypocrite ruins everything

For a long time, we handled each other’s weirdness and those times when we were at our lowest. Talking about all things imaginable. We were comfortable with each other.

Little did we know that it won’t last long.

I don’t know if it’s because of every year passing by, we grow maturely. We learn more things that’ll change how we think of things. But no matter what these things are, it’s our choice what kind of change we prefer to happen in our lives.

Within those years, I’m already used to the things you don’t like.

Going straight to the point, you don’t like someone who would end another friendship or relationship or whatever you’d call it just for their own happiness.

I 100 percent agree with that because it doesn’t matter who we are, we don’t have the right to dictate who should a person be with.

This happened to you so you despise the person responsible for making you lose someone dear to you. And I can’t blame you for being mad at that person.

But now tell me why. Why you did the exact same thing?

Ending the relationship between me and someone so dear to me and so to you?

What right do you have to do what you don’t want others to do to you?

You hated that person, so why don’t hate on yourself also? If I’m not mistaken the both of you have the same reason why you did it.

And to me? That’s not a legitimate explanation. Nothing is.

Possessiveness happens due to jealousy. In which, this will make you do things you didn’t know you will.
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