The time that Tony Fadell sold me a container of hummus.
Arlo Gilbert

Reminds me of the FTDI chip update that was supposed to brick “pirated” chips. I’m not sure where that case stands at the moment, I think it’s stopped pending a final decision by FTDI.

Or some big brand TVs that were sold touting how they had access to online video services which shortly after licensing for those units.

In such cases customers bought items that were sold as genuine USB devices / TVs with iView access, etc — and then the device is rendered unfit for that purpose. If I wrote a virus that intentionally destroyed functionality of hardware (or disabled the hardware itself) I’d be in jail for criminal destruction of property. And in this case and the cases I’ve mentioned, larger corporations are destroying property or destroying the value of property. What’s the status of consumers in these scenarios? Pretty much the “1–2” warranty — “ONCE you’ve paid for it, TOO bad…”

As usual, Law lags behind the real world by decades.

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