Oct 12, 2017 · 4 min read

Budget-Friendly Decor Ideas For 1 BHK Flats

Having spacious rooms and luxury interiors with gardens and pools is everyone’s dream in their life. But, thinking practically, individuals owning 1 BHK apartments won’t quite enjoy these kinds of facilities inside a home. Rather they have these amenities in a clubhouse and in outdoors.

To decorate 1 BHK apartments is tough and challenging. But decorating your flat practically with little sensibility can bring out the best in your flat. To do this, just follow simple, sensible and practical decor ideas to give a vibrant and cozy look for your flat.

Crafted below are some decor ideas for nuclear families dwelling in 1BHK flats.

Fall in love with light colours

In a 1 BHK flat, there would be small rooms. Painting these small rooms with darker shades would look more confined. Instead, paint with lighter shades like white, black and white, pastel colours and lighter shades of blue and pink. By painting with these colours, it is easier to bring the illusion of space at home.

Hanging curtains with light shades

Use curtains with simple stripes and patterns. Hang curtains with lighter shades to let the natural sunlight reflect inside the home to look spacious. This is most suitable for Indian homes and small flats as well. Choose long curtains from the header till it touches the floors. It gives a wider illusion of space for your room.

Fabricating furniture

Choose lighter furniture instead of bulky wooden one. Buy multiple storage furniture to utilize it to store your belongings for 1 BHK or 2 BHK flats in OMR. There is furniture with cabinets and chest attached in markets. Also, buy an adjustable sofa to stretch to bed at nights. This saves a lot of space at home. Instead of buying large sofa, buy colourful bean bags. This also saves space and your flat looks colorfully youthful.

Think about storage

The best to go for vertical storage in case of 1 BHK flats. Because buying huge and wide storage furniture would consume a lot of available space. Innovative and vertical storage from floor to ceiling can give space to store your things and also lets you consume space for other things at home.

Decor items like accessories

Simple and minimalistic accessories look great for 1 BHK or 2 BHK villas in OMR as well. Stuffing all the collectibles at your flat would look odd like a storeroom rather than home. Using mirrors to show the reflective spaces would look fine rather than hanging heavy picture frames on the walls. Hang wind chimes and bells to decorate and it lets in positive energy inside the home as per Vastu as well.

Let your home be bright

Small lamps at low cost are recommended for small flats. Buying expensive lights and lamps which are heavy and takes up all the space at home is rather not advisable. Chinese or Moroccan lamps help to scatter and spread light evenly across the room and look elegant as well. In simple, light candles with good aroma or hand painted diyas for a small party at home to light up the celebration even more.