Pop Your House with these Trending Colours of 2018

Gone are the days to live in monochromatic insides where you see just single shading in every one of the rooms. Here come few eye-popping hues to dominate one room by the other. Feel different with different rooms of your house with these eye-popping colours of 2018 trend.

First comes the silencing ‘Sage’

Photo by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash

This sage green palette is more of an alternative to all those neutral colours. It compliments better with wooden shutters, metal and brass decorative. The ideal destination to paint sage green is the bedroom. Touching a pinch light green duvet can illuminate the colour on the wall more vividly. Also, a pinch of sage green here and there in living rooms can look subtler with darker tones.

Second, comes the mesmerizing ‘Marigold’

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Marigold looks authentically incredible on walls while it perfectly blends with the leafy green combo. Painting your kid’s room marigold can be cheerful as they can feel like in a golden castle than any ordinary bedroom. Or painting a giant sun design in the room can really look bright and inspiring for the kids. In simple, marigold is a gender neutral colour and goes well for both girls and boys bedroom. To make it really royal, painting glass doors or windows with the acrylic marigold paint can reflect sunlight to a huge level and illuminates the room with a bright vibe.

The charismatic shade of red is ‘Caliente’

“A red colored steel bench is attached to a red wall in Columbus.” by Matese Fields on Unsplash

Caliente can look vibrant and also seductive at times. The incredibly warm colour of red is soothing and quite a contemporary pick of the year. While most people do not prefer the colour red as their primary wall colour. But to those people who wish they had a pinch of red, then Caliente is the best to have reddish shade around you all the time. It goes well with a glossy front door and looks more luxurious-red-carpet-like shades of red. Most people who live the Luxury Villas in OMR prefer this shade and they feel royally happy.

Wavy pop of ‘Oceanside’

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

People these days love exploring different shades and hues with high contrast and mixes. This gives space for the Oceanside to take its place to make even the cosiest corner of the house even more appealing. The rick and vibrant sea colour and an under-touch of green make it more of a gemstone colour. This colour adds depth to the room and it is recommended for spacious rooms. The tranquil colour of sea goes well for bedrooms, living room and even kids bedroom as well. Decorating the room with green ottomans, green or emerald pillows and brass metal ornamentals are the perfect fit for the room. Space looks uplifting if you add little wooden furniture here and there. For example, a large wooden coffee table in the middle of the room can be appealing for an Oceanside coloured walls.

Feel masculine with ‘Black Chiffon’

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

The shadowing black grey colour is the new colour of masculinity. It looks more tailored and warm to represent elegance. This is a perfect colour choice for home offices for business people. It goes well with overhead lights in the room. Leather chairs and a few brass elements bring finest of the finest looks for years. A slight silver touch for the black chiffon wall embraces it awesomely that looks royally grand as well. You can even add wall scones for this wall colour and it even acts as design elements as well. Also, abstract art is a way of illuminating the space and looks lively. For bedrooms, use low-lying beds with lights loosely hanging by the headboard and an abstract art looks flawlessly perfect. Mostly, this colour goes well if you live in one of that large and spacious penthouse Apartments in OMR Chennai.