Why Do Most People Hate Recruitment Agencies / third-party recruiters a/k/a headhunters ?

The Bad, Worst, and Ugliest Facts

As the job market becomes more and more candidate-centric, the role of recruitment agencies become somewhat kind of problematic and tricky. Although, most of the recruitment agencies are looking for the perfect potential candidates, someway somehow, most of them seem don’t really know how to act professionally in order to achieve their main objective as a bridge between employers and potential employees.

This painful fact leads to constant hatred towards recruiters, since more and more of them act unprofessionally.

Here’s the reasons why:

1.Recruitment agencies just hurl CVs at you until one happens to be good.
2. They say they’ll call back, but they never do! 
3. Recruiters take a fat commission for just a bit of admin work. 
“They can earn a recruiting fee of between 25–30% of your first year’s cash compensation on a new job, to place you into the role”, Quoted on Liz Ryan’s article on Forbes.com
4. They don’t know anything about the jobs they’re recruiting for.
5. Recruiters say they don’t have time. What about the candidates. 
6. Candidates have to tailor CVs to adverts without knowing the end client. This wastes time as the candidate has to taylor the CV to a job that they may or may not be interested in. 
7. Recruiters claim they have a relationship with the client but don’t. Normally that would be called a lie. 
8. Recruiters cannot see beyond a few keywords on the CV. 
9. Recruiters get people in for interviews in order to build the relationship for future business- Waste of candidates time. 
10. Recruiters place fake adverts to gather CVs. 
11. Recruiters use high pressure sales to try and get you to accept the job — the answer from the candidate should be F-off. 
12. Recruiters are obsessed about taking people from one competitor to a company to another. They cannot see the broader CV or person. 
13. Generally recruiters are a gatekeeper rather than an enabler. 
14. Recruiters use simplistic filters to screen CVs. A 2.2 from the local polytechnic is not the same as a 2.2 from Cambridge Uni. 
15. Recruiters have created so much advertising noise that nobody knows what a real job is or not.

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