The Day I Learned to Learn

One year ago, I have decided to start my own blog with 3 other friends. At the time we decided to make this move, my knowledge of programming / coding and WordPress, was pretty much close to zero — I have a Maitrise in Marketing Innovation and a Bachelor in General Management.

However, by managing this blog I was able to develop new skills. These skills, I did not acquire them by seating on a school bench. I learned them by looking at tutorials on YouTube, Googling any problems I was facing and by using MOOCs. MOOC is short for Massive Open Online Class. They are free learning resources accessible to anyone.

Because learning should be an important part in your life, here are 5 websites that will help you to develop new skills or refresh old ones.

1. TED-ED — Lessons worth sharing

Owned by the famous organization TED, TED-ED gathers curated educational videos on different topics. The platform allows you to create your own educational lessons. You can then, share it either publicly or privately. The platform offers educational videos on multiple subjects (technology, business, etc.).

2. edx is a more traditional type of MOOC. Created by Harvard and the MIT in 2012, it provides individuals with courses from the best universities and institutions. Unlike TED-ED, provides certification. The structure of the classes is more traditional. You will have to turn in homeworks as well as taking quizzes. The courses catalog is also more important than the one on

3. MIT Open Course Ware

Even though the design of the website reminds you the early years of the internet, it is fill of great resources. Courses come directly from the MIT. The only drawback of the MIT Open Course Ware is that you cannot get a certificate. However, the amount of resource available makes the website really valuable.

4. Coursera

Maybe the most famous MOOC website, Coursera is a great platform to learn new skills. The community is really important. You can rely on your peers to help you when facing problems. As edx, Coursera provides certifications.

5. Codecademy

This is my favorite MOOC website. Even though books and documentations are great to learn, when it comes to coding / programming, practicing is pretty much the best way to learn. Codecamy actually provides both, written instructions and practical lessons. They regularly update their course catalog. You can now learn more than 10 languages. They also recently upgraded their offer. It is possible to access better resources by using the pro version. It will only cost you $19,99 per month.

6. Other resources

Even though MOOCs are great, documentations and blogs are also a good way to learn and develop new skills. Among others, the following documentations and blogs can help you develop or enhance your technical skills:

  • WordPress Codex
  • Bootstrap Documentation
  • Apache Documentation
  • Moz Blog
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Growth Hackers

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