If that were true… YES we messed up too, I’m really sorry!

IAB sorry We messed Up!
Because today Adblock became inevitable, installed on 2 or 3 computers at least all over the world… Because of that IAB was forced to say and admit publicly “Yes, we messed up!”
IAB you know what? ….

WE — — — DONT — — — CARE! (about your public apologies)

Even though I am positioning myself as a passionate french webmarketer (SearchMarketer since 10 years ago) I think it’s enough for all of us… I confess, I’m an addict about marketing stuff and so on … but I didn’t avoid the fact that many web users are overwhelmed each day by advertising, SPAM, promoting, and retargeting, … than ever

So if web users are feeling abused its because mostly websites try to get attention whatever the cost (without any sense of respect for humans)

Remember that Seth Godin has published “Permission Marketing” in 2007. This book has 8 YEARS OLD NOW! OMG… For those who knows @GaryVee (Gary Vaynerchuk) … he has already written about lack of attention and permission Marketing issues for a very very long time!

So dont be surprised if you put too much pressure on someone that could cause problems like this. So what did you expect? (IAB) ^^ They are feeling attacked, so they are just trying to defend themselves as simply of that! (human nature as always, just funny ^^)

So YES me too, I’m feeling sorry today, but not for the reason you want to make me feel (as a marketer)

I dont really care about those crappy marketing news but worse than that…

Things that really matters for us as human beings should be really more IMPORTANT than those stupid things … We have to admit it, who really cares? (Marketers? are you kidding me!?)

Even though some people as +PrinceEa (for exemple) try to make a difference … Here he is trying to get attention about trees protection.

Humans are the main responsible for the destruction of nearly half of all trees on earth, according to the studies… In 2015 nothing has changed…

This is it, the point why I’m feeling sorry today :

It can be hard to admit that sometime, to see great influencers who are not able to reach the tipping point (sic), to gain more people attention about real problems that connect everyone.

We are all one (all connected) and we always forget about it!

So whatever, if we care about marketing issues (If you care about human first, give values, it will be fine), care for noble causes as global warming, usable water for all or to defend humans rights all over the world… It always be like this :

Only remember this words “STRENGTH IN NUMBERS”

Before we forget and regret. Before it becomes too late … It’s now time to take some responsibilities and MAKE ACTION NOW & TOGETHER

Oops I didn’t see it well, I’m really sorry ^^
Thats why today, I have to say “humans #WeMessedup too #Imsorry”

Stay tuned… #hmnys

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -
Let me relay the question back to you : And what about you?…
How are you feeling today?
Are you sorry too? and for what?