Google Daydream and some questions I have about VR

Feb. 14 ~ How many of you have played around with Google’s VR headset, the Daydream? I spent more time with it Tuesday.

Quality mobile headsets are one of the most important factors for the future of VR — I sometimes chuckle that someone has to be tethered into a custom-built, high-powered computer today, even though it’s currently the best experience — and the two main ones currently are the Daydream and Samsung’s GearVR (sorry Cardboard, you’re not part of this discussion).

I like the look and feel of the Daydream compared to the Gear, it’s even easier to pack and the handheld remote is a big advantage over the trackpad the Gear offers. The remote increases ease of use and allows for greater interactivity.

We still must be super cognizant of the user experience when making the content, though. I watched the NY Times’ “Walking New York” video in the Daydream and, while the concept was interesting and the Times’ storytelling is obviously excellent, I got pretty disoriented in the headset, and I’m an advanced VR user.

This is why it’s important to think practicality first and how the content will perform when viewed in the immersive environment.

I’m really eager to see how quickly this space innovates, how fast mobile headsets improve and if/when the ecosystem becomes connected. The fact that your choice of VR headsets is dictated by your cell phone is not good for the well being of the market (to say nothing for iPhone users, who currently don’t have a mobile headset option tailored for them).

These questions along with what Apple has planned and what’s next for Oculus/Facebook will have enormous impact on the scale and success of VR, from entertainment to training.

Anyone have other thoughts on the Daydream, GearVR or mobile VR in general?


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