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I think once we reach a certain age most of us just stop liking most new music. I grew up listening to Outkast, Tupac, and Biggie.

Because nostalgia is a hell of a drug — that’s why. Most people hate everything new. Complain about change. Complain about current generation. Shake their fist angrily at clouds.

All because they live in a fog of nostalgia that overrates the past, and glosses over the things they didn’t like at the time.

I feel like 92-96 is the peak of hip-hop, I dunno if someone can even make a viable argument otherwise… BUT that doesn’t make Migos or whatever else new coming out unlistenable.

Funny you mention Outkast — their influence (well Dungeon Family in general) is allllllllll over Trap music IMO. I feel a total connection between Future/Migos/Young Thug/etc… and Outkast. I dunno if any trap artist is going to top ATLiens or Aquemini of course — but those happen to be the two best rap records of all time, and albums in general don’t seem to be the focus of most artists these days (although that is slooooowly changing a bit).

Even if you don’t like trap music and have a weird obsession to compare all music to the genre’s all-time greats — then there are pleeeeeennnnnnnty of people doing that style too.

TLDR: If you stopped liking new music, it probably has nothing to do with the actual music.

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