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Great article — saying a lot of what tuned-in Raptors fans have been saying.

You mentioned this, but my hold out on total Casey-hate is the injury to Patterson. Outside of the writers here, Zach Lowe, and Toronto faithful — no one gets just how important he is. IMO he should be a consistent 6th man of the year candidate, but he doesn’t put up the fancy Lou Will or Jamal Crawford numbers. Straight up though — I wouldn’t trade 2Pat for BOTH of those guys.

Second “half” of this season is make of break for Casey IMO. I still don’t think the Raps are even remotely close to Cavs — but if they don’t at least right the ship and grab the 2nd–3rd seed — then you have to look at the coach. He complained in his early days, the Raptors didn’t have the versatility and athleticism needed for good defense. Well, if you can’t close out games defensively with a combination of Lowry-Powel-Carrol-Patterson-Ibaka then I dunno what else Casey needs…

Give him credit for benching Derozan in the 4th last night at least. I feel like Derozan’s shooting was always going to level out — butit seems like he is back to his ball stopping ways as well (seemed to be a more willing passer early in season — maybe there is a link between his shooting percentage [aka getting his numbers] and his willingness to pass)