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When Toronto’s starters go to the bench, the team will need Jonas Valanciunas to maximize his time on the floor by exploiting Channing Frye — or whoever the Cavs throw out behind Tristan Thompson.

I could be wrong, but I assume that JV will be back in the starting lineup. I think Casey will (or at least should) match JV’s minutes with Thompson’s as much as possible. Thompson is faster yes, but JV will at least know where Thompson is. He isn’t stretching the floor or anything.

…And Frye vs. JV has been a monumental L for Raptors in past. Frye has killed them.

Agree 100% that there will be big changes if Raptors get bounced quick. Can’t imagine MLSE 9even though they have all the money in the world) would be dipping too far into the luxury tax after that type of performance. This Raps group needs a win, or a Pacers vs. Heat style battle to stay together IMO.

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