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The biggest issue is — we have no idea how good the Raptors currently are, and may not find out this year, depending on Lowry’s injury.

The defense has been way better since the trades, and Lowry won’t hurt that (probably help it a bit — no disrespect to Wright whoo has done an incredible job filling in the backup spot). And if healthy he makes the offense significantly better. Lowry might be top ten in terms of importance to his teams offense.

But I can’t even talk about what raps should do this off season with that unknown hanging over their heads

Luckily, I 100% trust in Masai. And if Raps want to resign Kyle/Ibaka, then they can save some money moving guys like Joseph and JV. JV doesn’t play end of games anyways, and we have young bigs in Poetl and Bebe. Joseph is great, but Wright and VanFleet can hold their own.

One footnote — as ugly as their playoff run was last year, it was not a disappointment to see them take Cle to 6 in the conference finals. I think before last season, most Raps fans would have said that was the best possible outcome they could hope for.

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