The Beginning

Back in, I think 2010 or so I was writing for about MMA and Professional Wrestling. I was very new to the blogging scene and was just beginning to my journalistic career. I was contacted by Jimmy Greenfield who said the RedEye was looking for someone to cover MMA. I was ecstatic but nervous at the same time not knowing what I was getting myself into.

I was giving the opportunity to get introduced to then, Sports Editor Brian Moore. I met with him at the Tribune Tower and discussed my ideas and he was very accepting of what I was looking to do. Every time I pitched something Brian took my creative ideas and helped me find my nitch in a sport that was gaining steam at the time.

Then after Brian took a different position Chris was a continuation of what I could bring to the table with not only MMA but other sports as well. It was seamless transition and I was glad to email both 7–8 times a week.

I will always be grateful of these gentleman and all the other individuals at the RedEye. They were all so receptive to me and my crazy tweets as well as my interviews that may have gone a different route at times.

Thank you RedEye for giving a 22 year old kid a start in something he loves to write, tweet, and chat about. Every time I interview someone or write something it was because of the people and group above.

I hope to still be writing for a great group of people and continue to have individuals tell me how they read my story on the train or at a mall.

I appreciate giving me an outlet to further improve myself as a journalist but a person as well. I will never forget the opportunities I was given and will never forget where I started this journey.

Thank You!

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