Audio Books To Read Faster

When I started using audio books I could instantly read more and tackle more books faster than ever before. The thing with e-books and physical books is that you have to give your readings your undivided attention. You can’t multi-task while reading, these types of books because you just can’t focus on more than one thing at a time, a book needs your 100% focused attention.

Audio books can be read while doing simple tasks

An audio book is different though, they can be read while doing simple tasks like driving. Every time I drive somewhere I always play a audio book.

I can easily add on 30+ minutes of reading throughout my day with audio books.

Some great activities I do while listening to audiobooks are:



-Browsing the web


-Light exercising


What audio books aren’t for

Now the problem with audio books is you can’t use them for books like programming or math. Audio books aren’t used for that because you need to see the code or the math problem. Hearing about it just isn’t the same.

Here are a few activities that I do while listening to audio books:

What are audio books good for then?

They’re great for learning about lifestyle choices, business, motivation, or even history. These type of books don’t need a computer in front of you, or even a paper and pen, so they can be read while driving, or cooking.

How I use audio book to reading 2 books a month

I will usually read two books at the same time, whether that’s 2 audio books or 1 audio book and another e-book. I’ll usually schedule 25 minutes every day or one Pomodoro to reading an e-book. Then whenever I’m resting, driving, or even cooking I’ll listen to my audio book. I really don’t schedule time for audio books I just listen to them whenever I have the chance to.

I can’t get into the habit of reading

Audio books are great for people that just can’t get into the habit of reading because you don’t have to dedicate your time to them. They can be listened to while doing almost any task that doesn’t involve much brain work.

Why you should be using audio books

Their great for people that just don’t have a lot of time to spare food books. Around half of my reading comes from audio books, they can greatly increase your time spent with reading because you don’t have to dedicate time to them.

Audio books can maximize your reading time. I never feel drained while listening to audio books like I do with physical books.