How to learn a new technology

People will usually begin learning something new with no plan of action.

What do I do next? How do I know if I learned enough to reach my goals? These are common questions when people first learn something new.

These steps will rid those questions and help make a path to successful learning.

Step 1: What am I going to learn, and why should I learn it?

Take some time to figure out what you want to learn, and why?

Why do you want to learn this new technology? If you can’t answer that question quickly then you will quit before you even get your feet wet. Do some research and find a reason why you want to learn something new.

“I want to learn Android Development because I want to become a Android developer”

“I want to create an app for my business”

“My goal is to create some Android apps to make some side cash.”

These are all good answers.

Step 2: Your first project

Think of one basic project and another more advanced project you want to create with this new technology. An Android flash card game would be a basic project, and a Android social media app would be advanced for example.

While your learning your new technology, make it your primary goal to create your basic project along the way of your learning. Then learn the skills in order to create the more advanced project.

You will learn so much more by creating your own project than any book example can give you.

Step 3: Create learning steps

Research online and find some good beginner learning resources within that technology. A simple search on Google for “beginner android developer books” is a great way to start.

This is where people mess up the most, they pick a book, read it then find out they don’t know what to learn next. You may never find that next learning resource because you’ll hold off learning finding a new resource. All because they didn’t create a learning plan at the beginning.

Find various ways to learn that subject. Whether it’s books, videos, pod casts, blogs or even live presentations. You might find you like videos more than books, or the other way around.

Step 4: Devoting time

Creating a schedule of what times you need to learn will greatly improve your chances of successfully learning this new technology. Just know that unexpected events happen all the time, try to devote a certain amount of time everyday, for example 1 hour each day of studying.

Keep track of how much time you spend on your studies everyday. This will show if your slipping on your studies.

Say in your head how much time do you want to devote to your studies and your main goal. “I want to study Android development 1 hour a day, this is going to make me a Android Developer.” Say this in your head every morning and you will achieve your goals.

The average person spends around 5 hours each day watching television. Now I think that’s a lot of TV, but I don’t think everybody spends this much time watching movies and shows.

You could change your daily routine in so many ways to find time that you didn’t know you had.

You could study during your break, wake up earlier.

Taking the bus is a great way to increase time because you don’t have to focus on driving. This precious time could be used to study, work on your project or even read.

Step 5: What are you waiting for??

Get started!! Start learning and don’t forget, HAVE FUN!