SSD for productivity

When I first bought a SSD the time my laptop took to startup was increasingly faster. Before, with an ordinary hard drive my laptop took almost a minute to startup. Now it only takes mere seconds.

As a Android Developer I need to deliver a nice polished app as fast as I can without sacrificing quality.

The time it takes to startup a virtual machine with an SSD is twice as fast, and to build a project is almost instant now.

A lot of information I saw online said I would get a “unbelievable battery life increase”, I received 30 minutes, It’s not a lot but hey, it’s something.

My laptop is a bit lighter, but not much difference.

The most important part for me of buying a SSD was that it was much faster. I could get my work done faster because I didn’t have to wait for Android Studio to build my project and display it on Geny Motion.

The price of the SSD is definetely worth it if you’d like to increase productivity. I would say I saved around 10–20 minutes a day on just switching over to a SSD.

How to install your SSD

First thing, you’re going to need some screwdrivers, you need fine tip Philips head screw drivers.

Your laptop should be places on a table, not a carpet or a blanket. Anything that’s furry will conduct electricity and you might shock your computer, or yourself, ouch!

Flip the laptop over so you can see the back of the computer. You’ll see a bunch of screws, and yes you’re removing all of them. After that, take off the entire back of the laptop, you might need to get a flat head screw driver to pry it open, be careful and don’t use too much force.

After the laptop is open you’ll see something like the image below.

Do you see the part that’s metal and says Toshiba on the sticker? That’s what you need to remove. This is the HDD and you’re going to replace that with your new SSD. After that’s finished you’ll need to install your operating system again.

The SSD that I recommend and use for my laptop:

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