From the same website:
Marty Jones

First off I just copy/pasted that string into the website and can’t find that quote anywhere. It’s not on the blocksize calculator and it’s not in the blog post. Perhaps you had it in a draft or something you forgot to publish?

Regardless, it’s rubbish. The idea that people need a full order of magnitude more bandwidth than they use for a service is insane. I’ve worked my whole professional life in dev/ops, including a lot of site reliability stuff, and that number is pure bunk. Most companies will buy enough bandwidth so their peak usage is at most 80% of their bandwidth (depending on the industry that number could be closer to 50% if they are know for getting spikes in usage- but certainly not 10%!), as more is just a waste of money. Further, if the numbers you are claiming were accurate then mining in china would currently be completely unstable due to their limited bandwidth.
Also, have you considered actually putting that quote *on your blog*? You’re linking to a website that shows completely different number than what you are saying. At a bare minimum it’s just bad writing not to talk about why the information you are citing doesn’t match up with what you are saying.

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