Tragedy of the Commons
Marty Jones

> When we bump the block size to 16mb and increase the node count to 10,000, we’d need 74mbps up and 11mbps down.

Did you misread the numbers on that website? Clicking your link and going directly to the calculator it says 7.467 mbps up and 1.0671 mbps down, which is a full order of magnitude less than what you are claiming. Or perhaps you confused Mbps for MBps (we’ve all been there, they’re awful acronyms)?

If you tried converting to MBps instead of Mbps then you forgot to do so with residential bandwidth numbers as well, so your comparison does not work. Just think about it- 16mb uploaded to 8 nodes is only 131072bits every ten minutes. Why would a node need to upload seven times that much data *every second* in order to be able to run?

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