Going Against The Grain

Pennsylvania-based business brews up beer-based biscuits for man’s best friend

Frank Racioppi
Dec 5, 2014 · 3 min read

When home brewers, Petrina DiOrio and Kim Triol, tested the latest formula for their beer, they left the used grains from the brewing process on a table of their porch in Telford PA, which is located near Philadelphia. That’s when they discovered that their dogs were devouring those grains with the same gusto as tailgaters chomp on wings.

“We started to test different ways to make dog biscuits out of those grains,” says Kim, “and after trial and error and some feedback from our expert testers, our dogs, we started selling our biscuits.”

According to Petrina, breweries have supplied farms with “spent” beer grains for years, which is the ingredient used to produce beer. The farmers then use this by-product as a supplemental feed for their livestock, using the feed’s hardy nutritional and digestive elements to bolster the feed profile of their animals.

Brewscuits was born from that “light bulb” moment and so far dogs have bellied up to the bar for these healthy, delicious snacks.

A nutritional six-pack

Beer is made using oats, barley and rye, which are low in gluten and are healthy because these whole grains contain natural fiber that does not convert to sugar in a flash.

“These grains burns slowly and steadily and sustains energy levels and appetites,” says Petrina. “We only use good grains and never crushed corn meal because corn is filler with no nutritional value.”

Petrina and Kim sharpened the health profile of Brewscuits® by ensuring that they do not contain any chemical preservatives — BHA and BHT — or grains that are difficult to digest, such as corn, gluten, or soy.

Brewscuits® are also a good source of fiber — about four percent per serving and the biscuits are a good source of protein. The pumpkin and sweet potato varieties contain nearly 16 percent protein and the peanut butter is more than 19 percent protein.

Brewscuits co-founders Petrina DiOrio (l.) and Kim Triol show off their beer-based, all-natural, grain biscuits for dogs.

K-9 Care Packages

Working in conjunction with the U.S. War Dog Association, Brewscuits is making a donation to military K-9 units with plans to continue this donation three times a year.

“We are offering people the opportunity to ‘sponsor’ a package and then put their photo inside the box so the soldiers who handle the dogs receive a personal touch,” says Petrina.

“We are also asking the local school to have children write a letter for each package to brighten the spirits of the soldiers who are the dog handlers,” she adds.

“In each package, we are including dog toys and blankets,” begins Kim. “For the soldiers, we’ve also packed some basics like toothpaste, toothbrushes, and card games.”

Brewscuits care package for military K-9 units.

A Keg Party

Petrina and Kim have also developed a Rescue of the Month program in which they donate a portion of their receipts from that month to a designated animal rescue program.

In addition, Petrina and Kim started a blog with helpful topics such as walking your dog on asphalt, preventing heat stroke, dog collar safety and even safe drinking water tips for your dog.

“We developed Brewscuits because we loved dogs,” says Petrina, “and we wanted to do more than create a delicious treat. That’s why we have the rescue program and the blog.”

The Brewcuit.com website has a wealth of information about the beer-based biscuits and dog owners can order from the site.

And how else could you order Brewscuit biscuits other than in half-pints, keggers or chip sizes.

“Everyone asks if there is actually alcohol in Brewscuits,” Petrina chuckles.

“There’s no alcohol in them,” admits Kim, “but dogs still love to chug their Brewscuits.”


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