getting to blog #100

Diogenes the Cynic said that we have one tongue and two ears so that we should listen more and talk less.

Tomorrow I will reach one hundred blogs in one hundred days. I have done a lot of talking. It is time now to listen.

After tomorrow I will take some time off blogging. I’ll be back, but possibly in a different format.

I began the blog, Dressing Gown, with the view that it would be published each morning. As readers will know, I am nocturnal, and so it quickly became a night time blog.

There are some longer posts I’ve wanted to write but they’re beyond what can be done in a day given personal commitments. I expect that these will form the basis of whatever the next incarnation of my blog is.

One such casualty is a larger piece I promised to write about why sequels undermine the spirit of Star Wars.

I also promised that I would investigate My Little Pony. I did. I watched the first episode and I enjoyed it. At first glance, I think the adult appeal comes from a self-awareness and particularly relatable character in the form of Twilight Sparkle, beyond just the values of good writing and production.

I will try to give some thought to the subject of tomorrow’s blog. Make it a little special. No promises though.

I will take requests.

This has been the ninety-ninth publication of Dressing Gown, a daily blog from Ted Janet.

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