Learning vs Selfie Esteem

There are some who seem to have been left behind by the digital age.

You will hear complaints about people staring at their phones instead of interacting with real live humans.

(I am slightly guilty of this in my comic book, though it was part of a larger point).

But online communication and media, effectively telepathy, can be used for good or ill.

Before you wag your finger, consider the possibility that modern communication simply amplifies whatever traits people already had.

Those removed from dating apps like Tinder will claim they’re only populated by people wanting the most casual and detached of sexual encounters. Is the assumption then, that the stranger at the bar, after seven pints, has some deeper or nobler motives?
Where once a youth may have toured shopfronts in search of his or her best reflection, they will now pose in an endless gallery of duck-faced selfies, which may be part of a larger conspiracy to have me to deactivate my Facebook account and throw my phone in the river.

The digital age enables people to get smarter, to socialize more and with a broader and diverse range of people. As evidenced by a social media feed, it also serves a massive accelerant for a feedback loop of narcissism to debilitating insecurity.

Embrace the former. Don’t throw champagne out with the cork.

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