New Year’s Eve and Ageing

It was the New Year’s Eve I watched a dwarf break a bottle, beat his chest and try to punch a man in his groin, the same night my two friends were politely mugged by a young lady for three gold coins.

That’s right. I went to the beach. I think I was about seventeen.

Also on this night, I ran into a guy who had been my childhood friend. We had not seen each other since we were ten, but, after reconnecting, we quickly became best friends.

As a teenager I would walk long distances to socialize at malls, houses, and eventually bars and clubs. This, for the special occasion of only that it was the weekend.

Today, the idea of traversing whole suburbs on foot to catch up with acquaintances with whom I probably don’t have much more than a Facebook association, (excepting maybe some shared interest, common cause, professional relationship etc) seems absurd.

And then there’s tonight. This New Year’s Eve, when the weather is particularly Satanic, I will be with select friends and family watching STAR WARS : THE FORCE AWAKENS. After this we will retire to my living room and have various beverages and dialogues.

I can’t say I have any regrets about not schlepping across town to party the night away, but I do wonder if there aren’t any best friends out there I won’t be meeting, for my decision to be older and wiser this New Year’s Eve.

This has been the twenty-third publication of Dressing Gown, a daily blog from Ted Janet.

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