Robot Chefs and other future musings

So, there are these robot arms that will attach to the wall in your kitchen and replicate the motions of world-class chefs. You’ll be able to buy a recipe from an online store, put the ingredients in place. Robot mimics chef exactly.

That’s a lot of jobs gone.

Also, cars will drive themselves.

More jobs.

Synthetic or ‘cultured meat’ will be commercially available sooner or later. Prototypes have been made into burgers and eaten.

The future is ruthlessly efficient.

Where will driverless cars drive us if our headsets will take us anywhere? Between the delivery-bots and the 3D printer I’m sure I won’t need to go shopping. (Thank the Gods. Hate shopping centres)

I’m not particularly excited about plugging into the Matrix any time soon, but maybe that’s my age showing.

Are there, in the future, generations of people laughing at us, mere corporeals, and our material limitations?

Only time will tell.

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