The Love Interest’s Lament

People think I’m lucky
I get to kiss the star
But being cute and funny
Can take you only so far

I make the most of my mission
Of supporting him on his
More important mission
But come the third act I want to scream

All I want is A-Plot
a through line
a chance to save the day

Just one epiphany
and a meaty arc
more than being his bastard B-Story

For me he’ll bring his best
After I explain the theme
But when we kiss as he ends his quest
This love interest will dream

All I want is an A-Plot
a story
a goal of my very own

Call Me to Action.
I Will Lead the Way.
Stack the Odds. Watch.

All I want is an A-Plot
a lead role

I’m more than just his B-Story
And I have a glorious destiny

Even a love interest can dream

This has been the twenty-seventh publication of Dressing Gown, a daily blog from Ted Janet.

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