Tradition ! Tradition !

I like to think Tevye stayed in touch with the daughter who married out.

It’s a month from Christmas and already people are up in arms about hot cross buns on the shelves.

The tradition is sacred. If we exploit or disrespect it, we’re taking away its power.

And yet, presumably, if these goods are on shelves it’s because people will buy them, and if people will buy them then they are indifferent to the tradition, in at least commercially viable numbers.

Traditions do decline organically, and before you blame the youth of today, take a moment to reflect on how many of your parents’ cherished values you’ve let fall by the wayside.

This is the way of things. Sometimes it is for the good. I personally am very grateful that Easter and Christmas are now largely secular holidays, at least where I live.

It makes no difference to me how and when people eat baked goods, but I sympathize.

If people are abandoning a tradition it may be because it no longer makes sense to preserve it. The context has changed. We can either go with the flow or take a stand.

I suspect whatever we hold dear about our traditions is not their literal manifestation. Christmas is about family, so we honour Christmas. But if future generations pass on Christmas, rest assured, we will still have family.

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