Unearthing an Old Phone

Conventional wisdom says that if you are going to be your own editor, leave your work in the drawer until you can look at it with fresh eyes. If then, you happen to dig out an old IPhone and scrolling through your messages makes you feel more ancient than an actual ancient scroll, you may come to the realisation that life needs notes.

The last message sent on this old gizmo dates back to early 2013. It’s vaguely voyeuristic going through it, like I’m snooping into a youth’s bedroom and reading their diary.

When I choose a film to watch or a book to read, I try and choose something that is not only highly regarded, but is a little bit older and so has stood the test of time. A film may garner critical and popular acclaim today, but if it still matters to people a decade later, it is definitely worth a look.

Looking back at the interactions I was having, and the people with whom I was having them, it’s clear that certain aspects of my life have stood the test of time.

Some haven’t.

This phone is evidence that those who have are worth the investment. As it happens, I’m seeing them for dinner and will buy a round of drinks.

What will I be saying reading this three years from now? Probably that life still reads with all the excesses of a first draft, and that it might just be better if we were oblivious to the revolutions of the Earth, so that time was not made of steps that we are forever stumbling upon, because we are always looking back.

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