How To Fight The Establishment Propaganda Machine And Win
Caitlin Johnstone


November approaches, the War whores are howling
Grand Theft automatons stealing by the truckload
And the whole great edifice is crumbling, stumbling, tumbling
Running out of steam, running out of puff, running out, running out

American Idol head to head against the Biggest Loser
Vote for your favourite, standard SMS charges will apply
Deluded by the great big lie of choice of either or, that is no choice at all
For really the coin has only one side and when you choose you lose

Meanwhile Kim Kardashian bailed up in Paris, everyone pays attention
Gotta get yer priorities right, that butt’s a national treasure
And the land where Oprah’s next to Godhood, and say can you see
Indulges in supersizing or dumpster diving for the deplorables

And still November approaches with the choice that is no choice
While the smiling beguiler keeps sending out his drones of death
The price of Peace from the prize of Peace, crocodile tears ever ready
For the innocents bombed and battered by his demons, at his command

There is no savior of the nation, that time is past, if ever it really was
And loudly, proudly, waving your flags, wearing your funny hats
You’ll follow blindly in endless war again, again, for our freedom
For our freedom, for democracy, you understand, for our freedom

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