A primer on the success of multi-billion video gaming industry — Ted Owen New York

Thirty years ago, the video games were extremely elementary. No one was having an idea of growing gaming industry on an advanced level. And most of the users straight forwardly stated that most of the games really sucked and not interesting anymore. Gamer were not interested in the usual games where they only get to see a guy with a gun on their screen by a box along with a line sticking out. That guy move around and shoot their targets colored box. Sad and people are bored of it. Games have to waste their maximum of time in typing the code which they would probably get in magazines.

The next advancement in the video games was done when games on floppy discs begun to hit the retailers, mainly they came in products that were crudely packaged. According to the insides of old video-gaming industry, “The games that were coming on floppies were sold in some baggies made up of plastic with hand-written label.” The whole scenario of video gaming got changed with the discovery of personal computers, and this move took the video gaming industry into new direction. Gaming business started to reach maximum number of audience. And it made it possible with new few years where various specialty shops started thinking about emerging industry.

“The video gaming industry could still be seen as a cottage or hobbyist industry. A game could be generated by involving even a small group of 5–10 people and this would cost like $500,000 for a game ranging from basic to games on large scale”, says Ted Owen from New York and own a video gaming company, PlayAPI. He added, “Nowadays, a game which takes from 1–3 years to create, will have number of people working on it ten times, and may have budget in the tens of millions dollars.”

With the exceptional growth in various resources, costs and related risks, large number of advanced business efforts have been applied and with the special importance on schedules, more complex hiring ways, resource tracking and a lot of high expectations from each and every person.

Nowadays, video gaming industry is a multi-billion industry which is compromised of PC games, consoles based games, portable devices, mobile phones and PDAs. In the United Sates, PC and video games sales increase every year. In US, this is industry is going the business of around $24 billion. In today’s scenario, games are not played only for fun, either. Ted Owen launched PlayAPI because he understood the future of video gaming industry and he wanted to invest in this multi-billion industry. He believed in the modern video and PC games offer a great landscape of exciting challenge and adventure that is required by large number of games in 2017.

Gamers seek new complex skills and knowledge from game play. Gaming are playing a vital role in offering a powerful and handy tools for teaching gamer technical skills and practical ranging from automotive repair to medical operation. The video gaming is advancing every year and getting immense success in the market.