Style Camp —Fashion in the Wild

Put down your cellphone and get ready to embrace the outdoors. Here is a list of the top ten items you need to conquer your next camping trip in style.

  1. Slim Madras Shirt from J.Crew ($59.50) — This ultra light, 100% cotton shirt won’t slow you down as you tackle nature head-on.

2) Supreme 8oz Flask ($38) — Yeah water is great, but some nights you’ll want something to warm you up.

3) Opinel Carbon: Blade No 8 ($15) — This 3.25" bladed beauty can slice through any small or medium sized game while maintaining its sharpness.

4) Tom Ford Oud Wood Cologne ($225) — Just because you’re in the great outdoors, doesn’t mean you need to smell like it. Indulge yourself in this smokey, exotic fragrance.

5) Yeezy Black Combat Boots ($445) — Stomp your way through various terrain in these Italian made, heavy duty combat boots.

6) Teton Sports Tracker +5F ($65) — Wrap yourself up in 360 degrees of warmth with this mummy inspired sleeping bag.

7) Sibley Bell Tent($569) — Take the Presidential Suite with you on the road. This waterproof 2 person tent will keep you sheltered from any extreme weather.

8) Primus Onja Camp Stove ($129.99) — After a long day of hiking and adventuring through the beautiful outdoors, you’re going to want to refuel with some tasty food. This 2-stove burner tranforms into a convenient briefcase that even Don Draper would approve of.

9) Kelty Discovery Low Love Chair ($99.95) — Snuggle up with your loved one and gaze up at the endless stars.

10) AlpineAire Standard Gourmet Meal Kit ($79.95) — Just in case your fishing pole comes up empty, here are some gourmet meals to satisfy your hunger.