Tedwards kitchen essentials

Spoons & Ladels.

Measuring spoons and cups

These are relatively inexpensive, but I would suggest getting the kind with the raised increments on them rather than printed on. The print fades over time and you wind up guessing.


These are great to have around when you need to shred a small quantity of anything: cheese, carrots or cabbage.

Rolling pin

You can go fancy marble, but I love a good old-fashioned wooden rolling pin. For rolling cookie dough, pie crust, biscuits, or beating intruders.


Plastic or metal, these are used for pastas, canned fruits and veggies or anything that needs to be drained.

Mixing bowls

Small, medium and large. Can be plastic, glass, metal or, my preference, ceramic. Small for beating a couple of eggs, medium for mixing small batches, large for making bread, cookies or other larger recipes.

heres some more example photo


For beating eggs, gravies, sauces. Can be metal, plastic or silicon.


One plastic for pots and pans with protective coating, one metal for others.


One small for heating a can of veggies or soup, one larger for boiling potatoes or making stew.

Stock pot

For cooking larger amounts of pasta or making homemade soup or sauce.


A small one for frying eggs, onions and peppers or making crepes. A larger one for adding things to the onions and peppers or frying chicken. Also for making pancakes.


Don’t have to tell you what this one is for, but if you will be using it for bagels, look for a thicker slot.


You can just start out with a little handheld for now and work your way up to a stand version if you plan on doing a lot of baking.


For chopping onions and nuts. You can start with one of those where you hit the top with your hand to manually chop. There are small electric models if you find you are doing a lot more.

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