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this article coming from Justin Salhani is anithing but objective

Estimates put the number of Palestinians who had to flee their homes at 750,000, and their empty homes were often inhabited by Jewish immigrants who fled or survived the Holocaust.” WRONG
your arab brothers left in 1948 beacuse your arab leaders told them to do so

Is AMAZINGhow arabs like yoursleves rewrite history for your convenience or haing a convenient memory . \

tso thye he arab might of been there for a while but some come oput og egypt syria and other neighbhooring countries ,

also you are white washing the fact the Mufty of Jerusalem was a natzi ally and was llied with the germans for the single purpose of extermoinating the jews .

In addition The jews were there beforwe you the arabs 2000 years ago

Acheological finds document the fact >STOP CLAIMINING ISRAEL AS YOPUR OWN.

There were refugies througght history that were done wrong . they moved on YOU DIDNT you became professional refugies

the chicken or the egg becomes a very blurry line .

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