How to be like Steve Ballmer
David Barnes

Am I the only one who thinks that Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad can be the perfect on screen portrayal of Ballmer? I mean we can all imagine Hank as Ballmer in the following analogy:

“You open the door to his enormous grinning face, and before you know it he’s in the hall handing over a bottle of something cheap (but with such confidence you don’t notice) and he’s giving you the handshake of your life. Then he’s in. Loving it. Loving the music. Loving the food and drink. He’s going up to everyone, saying hello. And after a while you realize he’s started balling “thanks for coming, great to see you man!” to your guests. By the end of the evening it’s his party and everybody had a great time. That’s Steve Ballmer.”

And of course, it’s a great article by the writer ☺