The 10 Most Viewed Talks from 2014

In 2014,

TEDxMileHigh produced four events: TEDxMileHighLive, TEDxYouth@MileHigh, TEDxMileHigh: Emergence, and TEDxMileHigh: CONVERGENCE.

More than 35 speakers and performers took the stage to accelerate their big idea to 5,000 event attendees and hundreds of volunteers. We heard from renowned scientists, a master penman, health innovators, a historical storyteller, bootstrapping entrepreneurs, and many more incredible individuals.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce the top 10 most viewed talks from this year. Have a favorite? Post this blog to your Facebook/Twitter with your favorite talk.

To Ideas Worth Spreading + Community Worth Building,


Jake Weidmann

Why Write? Penmanship for the 21st Century

Tasha Eurich

Learning to be awesome at anything you do, including being a leader

Mark Arnoldy

Durable healthcare — redesigning a system to work for everyone

Ian Cooke

Performance: Monster music fortitude

Chuck Blakeman

The emerging work world in the participation age

Jeff Olson

Victory gardens, the sequel — New urban ag, scaling locally grown food

Phil Drolet

Why most entrepreneurs are slowly killing themseleves

Xiuhtexcatl Martinez

Hip hop environmental activism

Larry Zhang

Engineering micro-RNA to cure skin cancer

Lauren Costantini

The quantified self: how wearable sensors expand human potential

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