A splash of colour.

University of Edinburgh Makeup and Special Effects society reflects on their experience running interactive space in our main conference on Feb 21.

We were very excited when we were approached to host a stall in the interactive session that occurred during the lunch break. For this we decided to have a selection of different makeup products for people to view and play with. We also got a selection of different artists to come along to show people their different specialities. We had Jess who was offering Drag makeup or lip colours, Linzi who was showing people different SFX tricks, and Siobhan who was applying different makeup hacks or looks onto those who wished it.

It was a very successful event and many people approached us asking questions in regards to our society and makeup, and we had many fantastic conversations with a whole range of people about our passion. It was a brilliant event and was thoroughly enjoyable! I personally love TED talks and have watched/listened to many prior to the event. I was finally able to attend such a live event and I really enjoyed the experience. I hope we can work with TEDX again as it was a fantastic experience!

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