Dating Advice from Brexit 

Gillian Chin: There’s love in politics, and politics in love.

Illustrated by my sister and myself, we present 4 key points we learnt from Brexit, on how NOT to have a breakup. Created especially for TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh, you can find a more detailed breakdown of these steps on our Facebook page UAgeism if interested.

Now, I’m not great with awkward situations. And for me, breaking up is a really awkward situation. So, whenever I feel out of my depth, I do the thing which comes most naturally to me. I researched. And it was when I was searching, that suddenly, Brexit popped up on my news feed.

It felt like someone had switched on a light, and my mind, in it’s bizarre way, started to draw links between Brexit and breakup, and the way Brexit was handled became the solution to my question: ‘How Not to Have a Bad Breakup?’

Now, some might think that my approach to is cold, distant and highly insensitive. But for me, this is the best way I know of dealing with any difficult and awkward situations, especially ones so close to home. And to my surprised, it worked. Later, we laughed about my technique and we are still good friends even today.

It soon became a hobby of mine. I would read and dissect how the greatest countries and the most influential people on the planet confront their challenges and overcome their barriers. And then, I would pick an everyday problem that I faced, and try to apply their strategies to it. My sister, who loves to draw, enjoyed reading my solutions and started using them as subjects for her illustrations.


One day, some friends saw our work and were very interested as they thought our illustrations unearthed interesting solutions to problems they actually had. So, my sister and I decided to create a Facebook page to post our step-by-step illustrations, just for us and our friends. We then decided to call it UAgeism because we recognised that many organisations today, have evolved to sideline those who are young and inexperienced. By breaking down these big issues, we are able to create wonderfully bizarre ways of solving day-to-day problems.