Meet Liz Pal…

An alumni of UNSW, Liz graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Media Communications and Journalism, Majoring in Human Resources.

The former marketing strategist turned writer and presenter, Liz previously worked with brands such as Microsoft, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank and McDonalds to strengthen customer relationships. After taking a dip into digital nomad life, Liz realised she needed a balance of freedom, structure and social stimulation. Today, she’s another millennial trying to hack the working economy to align with her values. Her blog Runaway Strategist aims to ‘hack millennial life’ through two main content streams; Brain Optimisation and the ‘Meet the Millennial Life Hacker’ series.

Liz is passionate about contextualising research from psychology, neuroscience and lifestyle design into actionable practices. Through her interview series, she looks to decode how other millennials are creating their own dream careers and lifestyle.

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