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It’s almost here. Our Conference, ‘Empowering Connections’, is only two weeks away!

But what does it mean to empower a connection?

Following the larger TED idea that “the power of ideas [can] change attitudes, lives, and ultimately the world”, our main aim is to share great ideas of those in our community. Our president, Usman Hyder, states that the purpose of our conference is

“to provide a voice for those who have experiences and stories they need to share and by doing so, empower them. The experiences they share allow them to help the audience and the world make connections”

When people see the TEDx logo followed by the community it is associated with, the first thing that’s salient is the name, TED. Many people associate TED with a grand stage featuring a myriad of inspirational speakers from various backgrounds, sharing poignant stories and thought-provoking ideas to the world. However, when looking at the rest of the logo, the red “x” followed by the name of the community, many people are left puzzled by the meaning of the two. …


TEDxUTD is all about ideas worth spreading, from @UT_Dallas, to the world.

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