Imagine Writing a Letter That Was Still Read Thousands of Years Later.
Alex Rowe

Dear Alex Rowe,

The point of the post as you would call it, would be to highlight the intimacy of letter writing in those days of apostle Paul.

I would think what needs to be highlighted is the attention to detail that went into those letters. Every letter. Every word. Had to be perfect and precise, because in the days of old, writers and word smiths didn’t have the luxary that is afforded to us today by the computer screen and the ‘Backspace’ button.

Writers back then didn’t try to reach masses, rank high on Google or dumb the message down enough for the public. They simply wrote what was in their hearts. To a few. A few who happened to understood the context perfectly.

This is a concept a lot of successful storytellers and marketers seem to be aware of, but a concept that seems to elude the many.

I hope I have somehow managed to highlight the point of your post. To you and the many readers that were left scratching their heads.

Yours Faithfully,

Teebla T

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