Tory Klementsen
Jun 13, 2017 · 3 min read

I find it interesting that most responses are from people who are comparing themselves to all children in the world. You cannot extrapolate your experiences onto everyone. “Well if I was strong enough to get over…get through…etc. then why aren’t these mollycoddled little brats?”

First of all, it is very easy as an adult in your 30s, 40s, 50s, to not remember the pain and confusion you experienced as a small child being abused by someone who you trusted. Trust me, no one at the age of 8 years old after being sexually abused is “pulling him/herself up by the bootstraps”. This child is suffering, confused, and unsure how to process feelings that are new and confusing. Just because you had the support, the backbone, the chutpuh, the close and abiding relationship with your dog or whatever to get through it without repeating the cycle doesn’t mean there aren’t many many children who don’t repeat the abuse because they live what they learn.

It is also very easy to say that when you are an adult who does not work with many kids. As a teacher, I see a variety of kids from a variety of situations. It’s easy to look at upper middle class kids and say “They are too sheltered…brats! They will never survive like I did!” What you’re not seeing are the kids who are from the lower socioeconomic areas who are in the process of surviving day to day already who would blow YOU out of the water right now. You’re also not seeing that most of the kids that you’ve already created an unsubstantiated opinion about based on reading blogs on the Internet, not experience with actual people, are actually pretty damned cool people who are more interesting, informed, and in a lot of ways sophisticated than we were at their ages. At the same time, they are still kids with the same wants and desires of kids since the beginning of time. They want and need people to nurture and care for them, to listen to them, and to respect them. Unfortunately also since the beginning of time there were the same type of adults who were pretty sure that these kids have it so much easier and are so much lazier, softer, and lackluster compared to the hardened beasts they word.

The truth is they are just kids and there is no one label you can apply to them. They are as varied as we are as adults. There are some with serious issues and as the author states, they need more, not less, supervision and guidance. That doesn’t mean someone stepping in to solve every problem, but someone to stand beside them and help them to see “Nope, not a good decision…let me guide you to make a better one.” Others can come out shining stars sometimes too SPITE the adults around them. Still some will bounce along somewhere in between there needing more guidance as they are entering adolescence with a loosening of the reigns as they get older and more able to handle decision making; this is the majority of our kids.

So please, get off of the “Kids these days” saw. It’s old, tired, and unbecoming. Kids these days are just as incredible as kids those days were…maybe even a little moreso. And if you really think they need more adults in their lives to really show them how to be a better person, instead of bitching about it, go down to your local school or community center and volunteer, since you have all the answers. We would welcome you with open arms!

    Tory Klementsen

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