It’s the GIF Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

What I’m doing

I wrote a physical hand-written letter this week. I’m trying to do that more often. Here’s why.

What I’m writing

Austin Kleon wrote this piece about how “Back to the Future” is really about creative frustration and creative problem-solving. This made me realize that the essence of any plot is about coming up with a creative and unexpected solutions. I wrote about 5 times when creative problem-solving starred in the movies.

What I’m hearing

I decided to take my unhealthy obsession with podcasts and my unhealthy obsession with Medium and COMBINE FORCES. The results? A Medium publication called 100 podcasts. My plan is to listen to 100 different podcasts (hence the title!) and write what I learn. You can find the first three here. Can you give me ideas for more podcasts to listen to? Let’s see what Marc Maron says.

What I’m reading

You may have noticed I peppered this newsletter with GIFs. What did you think? Matt Bors thinks GIFs are becoming such an important form of communication that they could impact our next election: “Nixon sweating. Bush I checking his watch. Dukakis in a tank. This election will produce GIFs that will negatively shape the perception of candidates until the day they leave earth,” he writes. Read the article here.

What does Hillary Clinton think?

What I’m plugging

Congrats to my friend Sarah Miller for starting her own Tinyletter! She’s writing 10 newsletters over 10 weeks called Introduction to Dream Work. You can read the first email here and sign up for the next 9 at I’ll leave you with a line from a poem in her first newsletter that has stuck with me all week.

Some kind of relaxed and beautiful thing
kept flickering in with the tide
and looking around.

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