What Did I Learn Today?

22 September 2016

Our sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is specifically responsible for maintaining the jail, and law enforcement in several regions of Maricopa County that is not already served by City of Phoenix’s Police Department, is continuing (or claiming to) to waste taxpayer money investigating Obama’s birth certificate. (Facebook, Washington Post).

Saloon doors are designed in that particular manner because saloons never closed. It also allows for the sounds and music to “leak” outside inviting others to come in. The design also reduces peeking over or forcing people to peek underneath, satisfying certain moral codes in some towns. (TexasEscapes.com)

One recent study published in Pediatrics journal indicated children (5–11 years) who commit suicide most likely had ADD/ADHD, not depression as a cause. Adolescents at 12–14 years are more likely suffering from depression. (NY Times)

When your son is hurt by his girlfriend, and your wife is ready to go to war on his behalf, you have to stop them and focus on loving each other while the emotions are raw and primal. (Life, not the Internet)