An open letter to New Zealand: The state of WiFi.

Dear New Zealand,

Hope you’re all good.

We’ve only known each other for a very short amount of time, and so far I think we’ve been getting on really well. I flippin’ LOVE so many things about you: Your incredible nature. Your focus on really good quality food produce. Your patriotism and general life loving attitude. There is so many amazing qualities that you have, and I don’t want to take any of those away from you.

However, we have a problem. It’s becoming a bit of a deal breaker.

We need to talk about your WiFi offering.

New Zealand, It’s 2017. We have now been living for over a decade in the age of Facebook, and a truly connected world. Over the past decade we have seen our dependence on the internet grow in all areas of our lives. From everyday essentials such as navigation, banking, ordering food, finding any piece of information instantaneously, to seeing friends and family all over the world and staying connected as a global community. It has completely absorbed all areas of work, and is hard to imagine a business that can operate in today’s world without an internet connection. The shift towards people creating their entire living off the internet is growing, and it is widely predicted that the future of work is remote, and connected.

If you and I both know this, then why is it so fucking hard to find a decent WiFi connection in New Zealand? I have never been to a country that is so incredibly behind the times in terms of providing free WiFi to customers. As somebody who works remotely often, I am bound to a handful of cafés in Auckland (your largest city?!) with reliable free WiFi. It is unbelievably frustrating to have to navigate this city based on where I know I can get a WiFi connection, and miss out on the sheer joy of wandering and exploring a great city, safe in the knowledge that I’ll be able to stop in and work wherever.

I know it’s getting better. I get a feeling that newer cafés are also realising that it is 2017, and it is a good idea to provide WiFi, but you’re still, so far behind the times. I want the best for you, and I really think that this would be a great, great thing for you.

Stay Classy New Zealand,

Big Loves,


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