Battery Monitor v17.12

Battery Monitor v17.12 is now available.

The dashboard now displays battery health. This is normally 100% for a new battery, and slowly degrades with time. For example, my two-year old laptop shows a health of 78%, which indicates that only 78% of the original capacity is left. Average life has also reduced to ~8 hours compared to ~10 hours when it was new.

What’s New

  • #1 - Added appdata file for displaying information and screenshots in software centers
  • #4 - Display battery health in dashboard.
  • #5 - Increased the bottom padding for graph so that scrollbars do not overlap with time labels
  • Updated installer and build scripts


Packages are available in Launchpad PPA for current Ubuntu releases.

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install aptik-battery-monitor

Binary installers are available on the Releases page. Download the installer and execute from terminal window:

sudo sh ./aptik-battery-monitor* # 64-bit
sudo sh ./aptik-battery-monitor* # 32-bit

Installer can be used on following distribution types:

  • Debian based — Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, etc (supports apt)
  • Fedora based — Fedora, RedHat, Cent OS, etc (supports dnf and yum)
  • Arch based — Arch Linux, Manjaro, etc (supports pacman)


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