Unread books

Last Tuesday, I took the wrong ride home. I decided to just wing it and get off the last stop. I alighted at a commercialized area where malls and restaurants are located. I strolled around the area until my feet brought me to a bookstore. I am not a bookworm but I try to read a book whenever I feel like it.

There was a book sale. I thought, “Great! Maybe I should check these books out and see if there is anything I would want to read?” And the search began! I looked around and read the book titles one by one. I occasionally picked some books that intrigued me but ended up returning them. In the middle of “digging’ through the pile of books, I suddenly felt this weird empathy over unread and unwanted books. I found it unsettling. “If books could feel, how would an unread book feel?”, I wondered. So much story and information yet they remain unexplored.

In the end, I realized that what really saddened me was the thought that someday I might be reduced into an unread book being sold for a few bucks.

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