Write Again [I]

He made her want to write again

Heart bleeding so she wondered if her ink could compete

Emotions steady spilling out as her notebook welcomed them with open arms

He made her want to write again

and she did, as her fingers became instruments seething with hurt, anger and all things bad

In a blind rage, dotting her T’s and crossing her I’s, she wrote.

About thunderstorms and disasters

About how normal it had become to argue till early hours in the morning

About storming out of the house in anger, looking for an escape

About crying.

Those ugly cries. Those have-you-waking-up-with-sticky-cheeks typa cries

About listening to love songs wishing they were a reality

About how she managed to get herself here and stay for as long as she did

and as the sobs lessened and the tears dried out, she wrote

About how she so badly needed to love herself first and

About how she will write again, just as she has written before.

Only next time, a different story.