One of my female friends liked a guy. She gathered courage and proposed to him. And he said he wasn’t interested.

This obviously broke my friend’s, heart. She was all dejected for a few days but she didn’t keep trying for him. I asked her if she didn’t like him anymore that she stopped trying for him. And she told, “I like him and I respect his opinion, but he isn’t the end of my world. I have a life ahead and he has made it clear he isn’t a part of it. What’s the point in waiting for him?”

This applies to guys as well. Just because a guy is a guy it doesn’t mean that he has to keep trying. So this guy whom you rejected, likes you and respects you, but you aren’t the end of his world. If you express your disinterest in him, don’t expect him to come behind you. You either say a yes or a no. Not an I don’t know. —

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