Dragon King’s Wisdom

I rubbed rosemary leaves in my hand and inhaled its scent. Its evocative scent freed me from the ordinary state of consciousness and I began my active dreaming journey. I intended with my heart and mind, “Show me the strength and beauty of my ancestry and lineage.”


I sensed that my Tree Gate is the olive tree, ripe with olives. I placed my chest flush to its tree trunk. Solidity melts into spaciousness and suddenly I’m in the tree where “it’s bigger on the inside!” (like what visitors to Dr. Who’s TARDIIS usually exclaim).

I spotted the carousel. “It’s child’s play!” I said as I clambered onto a mer-horse in the carousel. We teleported to a different space-time. I heard with my clairaudient ability, the words “China, Dragon Temple.” Unexpected, because I had thought with sensing the olive tree earlier that my destination would be somewhere in Italy. I felt that I had to go up the stairs that were flanked by columns. “Wait for me,” I told mer-horse, as I went up the Stairway to Heaven to meet the Dragon King, Celestial Guardian of the Galaxy.

I sensed The Dragon King’s energy and his words in my head: “Drink tea. Brush and Ink painting. The pen is mightier than the sword. The words of the sages are preserved while mighty empires have fallen. Look not at outer beauty. Connect to the Divine Essence of that which you wish to understand and forgive.”

I sensed that I’m showered with flowers of many different hues and forms and instructions popped into my mind, “Go ahead. Gather what you fancy and create a flower arrangement that expresses your intent and uses the best attributes of each flower.”

I picked 1 white chrysanthemum, 6 yellow chrysanthemums and 6 amethyst chrysanthemums. I arranged the white chrysanthemum in the center surrounded by alternating blooms of yellow and amethyst, like a mandala. 1+12 = 13 in all. I chose white for purity and integration, yellow for royal power, amethyst for connection and energetic cleansing. I mentally connected the centers of all the flowers to each other with straight lines, balancing the curves of the flower arrangement.

“I am well pleased with your creation,” beamed the words of the Dragon King in my head. He continued, “Go to the mountains of Guilin for contemplation. Connect with the spirit of land, of river, of air, of sun. Be reacquainted with the elements of your body, the energetic pathways and systems, for this will help you, your family and others.”


I bowed to the Dragon King in gratitude, blessing and bidding him farewell. I returned to my mer-horse friend. We teleported back to the carousel. I thanked him and the olive tree and I’m back in my garden, fully present in my body.

Reality Check:

1. My lineage and ancestry is Chinese. My Chinese ancestors immigrated to Malaysia and I have immigrated to the USA. Google search showed me that there’s a Chinese Olive Tree (Canarium Album) that has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties and bears edible fruit.

2. I like drinking herbal tea blends and arranging the cut flowers from my garden.

3. I took an ink brush painting class more than 20 years ago.

4. Mums bloom in my garden in autumn.

5. A few days before this active dreaming journey, I had made a 12+1 spherical model of Metatron’s Cube, with toothpicks and little watermelon balls, just to see how it looks like.

6. Google search showed me that Guilin, a place I was not familiar with, is in southern China, the region where my Chinese ancestors lived. The Google photos showed me glorious mountains and river scenes.

7. I had been surface-skimming, for the past 2 years, in reading about acupuncture and acupressure points.

Actions to Honor Active Dreaming Journey:

1. I’m going to practice seeing the divine in the difficult.

2. I’m going to look for my Chinese ink brush, ink bottle and paper.

3. After this Active Dreaming journey, I went to the used bookstore and my inner shelf elf alerted me to 2 books on acupressure points that I promptly purchased for a total of $4.

4. I plan to do an inner journey to the mountains of Guilin and connect with the spirit of the place.